Waterproofing Basement Walls


Before any major renovation can take place in your basement, you need to make sure you’ve taken care of any waterproofing basement walls before hand. There are methods to ensure you do what is required without going over budget, to have a dry basement. What we need to do is look at the cause if there are any problems and fix them to get a handle on keeping your basement dry.


Waterproofing Basement Walls


waterproofing basement wallsWhen it comes to home renovation how to for waterproofing basement walls, you need to take a thorough look at all the walls and floor. There is absolutely no reason to get started with doing anything until you are confident that you have a dry basement twelve months of the year. Too many people have come to realize they have problems after the fact when renovations have been completed just to find out their basement leaks.

Dealing with any problems at the beginning is the way to go and to know what to do is the next. This video I’ve selected explains the importance of knowing what needs to be done when dealing with such a problem as leaking basement.




As mentioned in the video, if you do not understand or know what can happen and how to fix your basement from leaks you could essentially pay out thousands of dollars that are not required. As a contractor, I have found many families pay out far too much money for not knowing or understanding the concepts behind what is involved with renovations. It would be great if everybody that calls themselves contractors or tradesmen did the proper work for the money every time they were called in for a job. The problem is just like most things in this world; there are those that only want the money at any cost. The cost is usually against the homeowner.


It is for this reason, I always explain things to my customers, so they do understand and for the Internet, I post articles to help people out and recommend a few courses for people looking to save big money from renovations they may get done. One of the biggest problems I find is how many people think that when different contractors low ball or undercut everybody, that the homeowner feels they are getting a deal. What happens is they do a terrible job at your expense or jack the bill up as they go so you still pay the same, or more and usually you end up with a lousy job. Quality contractors know what they are worth and have no need to be deceptive. Jobs can cost extra at times but not double to triple without any changes. As a contractor, I have seen people quote half the price just to end up charging more because they said the job was harder than they thought, and the whole job needed to be redone. People need to hire the real professionals.


How do you know who the real professionals are, you need to know and understand the work involved. Not everybody can do the work or take on the DIY, but you can learn and have the knowledge to know what is required so you’ll not be fooled. That’s why I now have a DIY home renovation how to site and extra information from my TD Remodeling website and offer the courses. I want people to stop losing money to the con artists out there; there are too many good contractors ready and willing to give you what you deserve for your hard earned money.


Home renovation how to course

Take the courses you need to know and understand about basement renovations


As mentioned in the video there are so many things that could cause you to have a leak in the basement and the methods used to fix them, a contractor could raise the price as much as 10x unless you understand. I was initially going to list and mention some scenarios but I find some things require actual video to show the proper techniques for you to understand. So what I have instead is a section in the newsletter where you get full access to home renovation how to tutorials that go into a lot of the different problems basements can have for water leaks and damage.


You see when it comes to waterproofing basement walls there are many methods to go about solving the problem. The question is each basement could have a different way to take care of the issue. Some people may find themselves digging up around the exterior foundation to install a new weeping tile for drainage and waterproofing the wall and adding a drainage barrier before backfilling the foundation back in. Others may do a full weeping tile drainage system on the interior perimeter of the basement and continue with one of the many interior methods of waterproofing the walls etc.


The biggest thing you need to deal with is to find out where the water is coming from and why. Then you’ll need to look at the best way to deal with fixing the problem so there will be no further leaks or damage. Some houses have sump pumps and others do not. When I built my home, I designed it to be built with a slab as there is a high water table beneath the surface where a river runs from one end to the other four feet down. With new construction, you can build according to the land but with an existing house, this is no longer the case.


With my previous home that was already built into a hill that had lots of water flow to the back of the house, I installed a french drain to intercept the water 16 feet before the house and reroute the water around the side and away from the home. It worked great and saved me thousands of dollars and gave me a dry patio area to boot. As I had mentioned when it comes to waterproofing basement walls, you need to understand and have the knowledge of what the problem is and the best way to fix it. Check out the tutorials from the newsletter website or learn all about basement renovations from the courses.


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  1. Hi there,
    I read your post about waterproofing basement walls and found it to be very informative. I have owned three homes in my lifetime, but I do not own one now. Since I retired I have been living in an apartment, so I have no need of any renovations. Your service would’ve been good when I owned my own home. Owning your own home requires a lot of maintenance.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    • Owning a home can require a lot of maintenance depending on its state of repairs. Each of the homes I have had I would renovate them so everything would be done, that way I had no repairs other than maintenance around the yard like moing the grass.

      For a lot of homeowners possible leaks in the basement is a major concern and has always been one of those things that every homeowner needs to be aware of to make sure there are no leaks. The nice thing about renting is you can make a phone call and have somebody else deal with it and have it fixed.

  2. This is very wise advice. My uncle ‘Did up’ his basement a few years back, and didn’t bother dry proofing the walls properly. I don’t know what he DID actually do, but it was a disaster. After about a year, everything started to show damp, and it smelt!

    In the end he essentially had to get a professional in, and start again, for twice the price. BIG mistake!

    • Travis Smithers

      I’ve seen results of people having major issues from renovations gone wrong many times. Home renovations how to is designed to help people learn what they need to know to avoid the mistakes that can happen from not understanding what needs to be done.

      Many people have ended up paying far too much in time and money for improvements that have gone wrong just to end up doing everything over again.

      My intention is for this website to reach as many people as possible to help them learn what is evolved with different renovations and to make the appropreate decisions on where they know enough to do the DIY route or hire a professional.

  3. Hi Travis, Eye opening information for the homeowner. I think we hate to call a contractor to do this type of work because we know they’re ripping us off. However, it needs to get done. Your site will help many to do it themselves. Wow, you have a ton of subject material to discuss with your readers.

    • Travis Smithers

      When it comes to doing home renovations how to for the different jobs available there are quite a few topics to cover. The post/pages will take a fair bit of time to cover all the possible scenarios so that’s another reason I included some courses for those who want the information faster and in one location now.

      Either way I’ll try to cover the information to help people out with their projects.

  4. Nice suggestions and education about waterproofing basement walls! I used to work in real estate. I also live in a mountainous area so basements with water issues are not at all uncommon. I had a lot of deals fall through over basement water problems. I wanted to tell you that I appreciate you bringing attention to making sure the source of the water is identified. Many people try to cover it up but that will only last a little while. It is not at all a good way to repair these basement water issues. I appreciate your professionalism.

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Scott and I find for most people if they learn the proper things to look for, then usually they’ll want to do what’s right. For most people, you just need to get the information to them. A lot of people will see about doing there DIY home improvements which is fine but they need to know the proper methods on how.

      Hopefully, this site will help the DIY’ers and up and coming contractors to always look into correct methods of installations.

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