Kitchen Remodel Cost


When you want to figure out a kitchen remodel cost, there are a few things you ‘ll need to consider. Are you looking for a total replacement or partial remodel? For this post, we will look into comparing both variations.

Kitchen Remodel Cost

When it comes to a kitchen remodel cost we need to consider just exactly what it is you’re planning on doing to the overall kitchen. To make this a little easier, I’ll break this done into different topics to try and make the kitchen renovation ideas of how one could approach this type of project.Kitchen remodel cost

So let’s make a short list and go from there:

Partial Facelift – Minimal costs
Total facelift – Costs will start adding up
Complete kitchen redo – Second most expensive remodel
Modified kitchen – Most expensive option

Partial Facelift


The term facelift with most people I work with is taking what you already have, by making some alterations. In the case of an existing kitchen, a partial facelift will be one of the cheapest kitchen renovation costs you’d be working with when it comes to the other alternatives which we’ll discuss later in this post. For now, we’ll look at why you can always expect this as your cheapest, option.

With a partial facelift, you would be looking at a couple of ways to spruce up your kitchen to make it look newer which we’ll look at now. You could start by doing any of the following from the list or create a combination of a remodel cost partial


Painting Cabinets
Cabinet Doors
Possible Extras




Change out the kitchen cabinets hardware that is presently there for newer more modern hardware. A kitchen’s hardware is classified as any knobs, handles, hinges, and sliders. Each segment of these can change in price due to the quality of components you choose. The knobs and handles will usually tend to be the cheaper parts running from about $1.00 to $18.00 depending on size, material. Are you purchasing the items in a package or bulk depending on what you’re requirements are?

You can see depending on how many knobs and handles you’ll need how fast the costs can start to add up. Between these two the handles will tend to cost more than the knobs unless you do a mix and match which has begun to become more popular just as having different color cabinets from upper and lower.

The hinges will be the next higher priced item as you’ll be required to purchase them in pairs. Just like your option when buying knobs and handles you can also get your hinges in packages or by bulk. There are many different types of hinges so you’ll also have varying prices of about $2.00 to $26.00 depending on what you purchase.

Sliders will be the most expensive part of your hardware for most people when dealing with redoing how the drawers in your kitchen shall operate. The biggest determining factor for slider cost will be from how much weight they can handle. The stronger they are for weight load, the more you’ll know you’ll need to pay. Just as everything else with your hardware, sliders come in many designs and another thing to consider for overall cost will be if the sliders directly work with a current drawer or do they become part or all of the drawer other than the front face. You can expect $6.00 to $100.00 for the pair depending on what they’re used for and where.


Painting Cabinets


Painting the cabinets is the cheapest way to make your kitchen look new again. Some may stain their kitchen cabinets if they are going from a lighter to a darker look. In most cases the prep work and refinishing the cabinets will be cheaper than changing out all the doors and drawers for new ones. Depending on the products used, there are a lot of homeowners doing their DIY when it comes to painting or staining out the kitchen cabinets. Materials to do this will run on average about $75.00 to $300.00 with the size of the kitchen cabinets and if a contractor is hired you could expect $500.00 to a few thousands for larger cabinets.


Cabinet Doors


You will hear how some people will choose to keep the existing kitchen cabinets and change out the doors and drawer fronts. This method is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new cabinet but will run you more than painting the cabinets that already exist. One of the reasons is the actual cost of each door and drawer, will vary due to size, material, and style. The existing cabinet boxes will still probably need some prep work, and all the doors and drawers will need to be mounted. The price will fluctuate depending on whether you do the DIY route or hire a contractor.



kitchen remodel cost countertop

Anytime somebody does a partial facelift for a kitchen renovation; the counter tops are usually the first thing to go. The price for replacement is mainly a matter of what type of product to install. The cheapest being laminate to using quartz, stone, concrete or possibly wood or tiles depending on your kitchen renovation ideas. New countertops will always be one of the quickest ways to step up the appearance of any kitchen. Prices for countertops can easily run you hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on material and installation.



kitchen remodel cost backsplash

Another quick and excellent way to change the overall appearance of any kitchen is by installing or changing out an existing backsplash that can make your countertop and cabinets or both stand right out. Kitchen backsplashes can add significant impact to increase the look of any design for a kitchen anyone comes up with that always looks better than just your typical painted walls. Like everything else in the kitchen that we have been going over, tile material, amount, style, the design will also determine the price to have one installed running from a couple of hundred to as much as a thousand on average depending on material and kitchen size.




Changing out older appliances for newer updated appliances will also modify the look and appearance of any kitchen. The style and type of appliances can vary between all the different models available these days. You’ll have your choice of color or stainless steel, electric, gas or both and again depending on what you pick will determine the price you’ll pay for the old appliances to get changed out if you decide to go that route. Expect $1,000.00 to $25,000.00 at the top end.


Possible Extras

From all the possible extras that one could consider as part of your kitchen remodel cost is changing out the kitchen floor or refinishing. The reason I say refinishing is some homes have wood kitchen remodel cost for floorfloors that you may just want to have redone. For most you’ll have either a vinyl or tiled floor which you may want to rip out and replace with a newer product that will suit your new look. Depending on what you choose and the size of the floor area will determine the cost. If you are tiling and decide to run electrical heating pads or similar type of system, then you can probably double the installation cost for material and labor.

Painting the kitchen walls is usually something everybody does when thinking of any updates. It is a relatively cheap thing to do for maximum dollar value that can totally change up the appearance of your kitchen.

One thing I will mention here that deals with kitchen renovation ideas when doing a makeover is the trim work. Depending on your style, you could be removing trim as in old wainscotting or add it to the room. There is also the trim around the doors and windows that you may be considering, or perhaps you wish to add crown molding.

One could also consider changing out light fixtures or adding recess pot lights and then there is also the sink and faucet that can also be changed out.


Total facelift

A complete facelift would be looking at doing most of the things if not all the changes mentioned above with the partial face lift.


Complete kitchen redo

kitchen remodel cost completeWhenever anyone looks at doing a complete kitchen redo, this usually means taking the entire kitchen that presently exists and tearing the whole thing out to be replaced. As I had mentioned with the changes in the facelift, a lot of the same changes would also be incorporated with this remodel except the kitchen cabinets. When there is a complete kitchen remodel, the entire cabinets will be replaced with newer ones.

These cabinets may be stock cabinets or a more expensive custom cabinets depending on the budget. On average cabinets will run about $4,000.00 to $30,000.00 even though I have worked in homes with the cabinets costing as much as a $100,000.00. Not many people will be dishing out those kinds of funds just on cabinets, but this is why when you purchase new cabinets when doing a complete kitchen reno it is considered the second most expensive way to redo your kitchen.


Modified kitchen

Kitchen remodel cost modifiedIn the case here where I’m going to mention about a modified kitchen, this would be the case where you would be changing the actual structure of the home to accommodate a whole new kitchen layout such as opening or changing up wall locations. It is for this reason; this would normally be the most expensive kitchen remodel cost to perform. You are now talking about possibly doing everything mentioned above, and now we’ll add the demolition of walls and changing the kitchen’s layout. Once you start to carry out different types of kitchen renovation ideas that deal with a new design, the amount of money you can spend can increase ten-fold very quickly depending on what would be involved with the new walls, electrical and plumbing if any of these is required to be changed.

Layout changes will add thousands to tens of thousands according to your design layout plus all the regular stuff we had talked about from above.


Let’s summarize what we just discussed:

Hardware: knobs and handles $1.00 to $18.00, hinges by the pair $2.00 to $26.00 and sliders $6.00 to $100.00 for the pair
Painting Cabinets:
$75.00 to $300.00 by DIY and expect $500.00 to a few thousands for a contractor
Cabinet Doors:
figure on hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on door and drawer material and for installation
cost hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on material used and installation
couple of hundred to as much as a thousand on average depending on material and kitchen size
$1,000.00 at the lower end to $25,000.00 at the top
Possible Extras:
Can run hundreds to thousands depending on all what is being done


Partial Facelift – Minimal costs compared to the other three options we looked at when doing a kitchen remodel.
Total facelift – Costs will start adding up as you are doing more work than a partial facelift.
Complete kitchen redo – Second most expensive remodel due to the fact you are most likely installing brand new cabinets rather than fixing up the older ones.
Modified kitchen – This tends to be the most expensive dealing with changing walls and possibly electrical and plumbing before you even start to do the rest mentioned above.


Whenever you decide to do a kitchen makeover, one needs to address all the issues of what the products of the project should look like when finished. ou need to know what your kitchen renovation ideas are to find out what the kitchen remodel cost will be and work everything into the budget you have to work with to make the improvement happen.

Whatever you do yourself, will give you more money to invest elsewhere in your kitchen reno or reduce the overall cost of the project. The more you do yourself will save hundreds to thousands of dollars. To have a better understanding of how you can save or do more of the work yourself, I offer two methods available.

Home Renovations How To Monthly Newsletter

First one is my Monthly News Letter that gives you access to the training tutorials to help you with understanding or doing some or all the work yourself. These tutorials are an excellent way to make more informed decisions about the right way to do any renovations for free. The second option will save you more in the long run even though it cost a little because people on average get more from what they purchase compared to what they receive free. Also, the free stuff is never as complete to what you’ll get from a purchased product.

The second and more detailed option are the courses I offer that will give you the ability to understand totally everything you need to know about home renovation how to for making your decisions much easier on what you want to do or how. You’ll find out by taking a structured course you will learn faster and in a proper order to understand the material and get to know about renovations. Even without doing the DIY aspect, you will still save thousands by knowing how and where the money needs to go when designing your next projects. This option also gives you the knowledge to perform the work for anyone looking to go the DIY route with better confidence that you know what to do, to make it happen.

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  1. This was very educational read. You covered every aspect of kitchen remodelling cost . Every single detail is covered, and I still thing I would need to hire professional to do the job. Is there any contractors in area you would recommended or you are offering the services? Thank you for detail post. It helps understand work involved.

    • I do a lot of work in the geographical area in which I live for my customers and there are a lot that like to DIY as much as the project they can at times. When I do certain segments of the job it’s a matter of cordinating the different components of what order things need to be done for each of us to do are part.

      The biggest thing is for some people figuring out where to spend their budget for what they want and can afford. Once they have figured out the total design, then it’s a matter of doing the job.

      I do not know where you live but there will be qualified contractors in your area as there are people pretty much everywhere these days that have a business that can handle the renovations one would need. Your biggest task would be finding a qualified contractor to do the right job for a good price.

  2. Hey this is such a professional looking website with a lot of great tips.

    I don’t own a home yet but one day I will and this information will come in really handy. I honestly had no clue cabinets were so expensive. I really should put money away for that in future because having a nice kitchen is really important to a good house.

    Thanks for this.

    • When it comes to resale of homes people do look at the functionality of the kitchen and size, then comes the bathroom. After that, the sizes of the other rooms all become part of the factors in the purchase price when they decide to buy.

      The thing you want to do is when you decide on getting a house. Make sure it is structurally sound, has as much of the layout you want for size and rooms. Cosmetics you can easily fix without too much cost where structural changes will cost a lot more.

      The closer to turn-key you can spend your budget but the more you feel you need renovations, the cheaper you should be spending on the initial purchase to cover the costs to remodel.

  3. Travis, I like the look of your website with its timber hues.

    Having been in both engineering and building construction I can really appreciate the information you are presenting to existing and potential DIYs.

    To add to your suggestions I have found some really great ideas for door and drawer handles made from good quality, old utensils. I would attach an image if I could!

    I have also found the newer counter tops to be more scratch resistant so they don’t end up looking so used and last longer.

    Here in Australia we call them splashbacks and they are easier to clean and retain their look better than painted walls.

    I agree that alterations are much cheaper than modified kitchens as there is not only electrical and plumbing issues. When walls that are structural are removed more problems can arise.

    Thanks for this post and look forward to reading more of yours.

    • Hi, Helen and thanks for dropping by with your comment. Your comment about the utensils used as door and drawer handles I had seen before in a log home and looked great. We have a company where I live called LeeValley which carries a very broad selection of knobs and handles from around the world in design that a lot of the contractors are using.

      I also agree with you about some of the newer counter tops being produced to lasting longer while keeping their original luster from when they were first installed. I’d also say that even the laminates have come a long way with the finished look of stone etc. and look a lot more realistic than they ever did in the past.

      It’s always nice hearing from another part of the world.

  4. Hi Travis: Thanks for this detailed information. It is so helpful to know the price ranges before signing on for a makeover. This has helped me to make my budget and time out my renovation project to match my available funds. Will you be adding info about flooring options in the near future?

    • In time, I will be covering from top to bottom, inside and out with monthly posts for renovations about the home.

      My main site TD Remodeling goes into detail about improvements, costs and more as well.

      For those in a hurry to get all the information now about what renovations take to get the job done and what to do, you can purchase the training courses. I have links to training that will save you thousands by learning how all the different trades do their job.

      Knowing is half the battle so whether you do DIY or hire somebody else, you’ll know what needs to be done and how. That information will save you a pile of money!

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