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When you need to know Home Renovation How To for fixing up your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Get the inside secrets to making your home fantastic. Most people want to know how to fix their homes but don’t know where to start; that’s where TD Remodeling can help you turn your home into a paradise oasis that you’ll love to call home and have friends and family over.


Home Renovation How To

home renovations how to


At TD Remodeling, I work as a contractor to upgrade many people’s homes over the years, and I’m only able to get around my geographical area to do this. I have been asked to help others through the Internet from many different people. For my local customers, I can handle the work myself and transform their homes into so much more. While I do renovate to my clients homes, each year more of them are asking how they can get involved with doing more of the renovations themselves. Nowadays, people like to get more for their money by taking care of things they can do to either make the overall job cheaper or spend more money on the products being used to step up the overall appearance and outcome of the finished renovations.

home renovation how to showersIn the event you do want to do some of the work, some contractors don’t want homeowners taking part with the repairs for many different reasons. If you do run into that, know that there are plenty of great contractors that do allow owners to participate in some of the work. The biggest factor is what part of the renovation and what your capabilities are for the segment or areas you want to tackle. I have had many clients do part of their work, and most of them have been just as good as some of the other contractors that have prepared stuff for me. In fact, some customers have done their part far better than the work some contractors have turned over to me.

I have come across contractors that after seeing their work, I just walk away without getting involved to do any work for them. Some people simply should not pretend that they are contractors when they cut so many corners and try to cover up so many mistakes. Contractors like myself and others stay away from them as we have a reputation for giving our best quality for every job we take on for each client.

So this website is dedicated to anyone wanting to learn more about doing their renovations or, at least, understanding what to expect from any remodeling you’re planning on having done in your home. This site is also good for any tradesmen looking to broaden their knowledge of what work the other trades do, or if you want to know more about doing business in your local area.


Let’s take a look at what we offer!

FREE Tutorials on Home Renovation How To
Monthly write ups for Home Renovation How To
Complete Home Renovation How To Courses

FREE Tutorials on Home Renovation How To

All the FREE Tutorials about home renovations here are videos made up by a diverse group of people that want you to know the proper way in which to carry out any home improvements you mayHome Renovations How To Monthly Newsletter be considering. There are a lot of you ready and willing to do the work; you just need to know all that is entailed to do the particular job you wish to do. These tutorials will show you all the highlights of what is necessary and what you are required to do.

You can learn about foundations, framing, insulation, electrical, plumbing, roofing, siding and so much more. As time goes on, I will keep adding more information covering all aspects to home renovation how to’s that you’ll become hard pressed to find an empty topic. This final list will take some time of course, but there is already close to a hundred videos already in place to help you with your current undertaking at this moment as I have prepared the learning tutorials first and will keep adding to them.

You can get full access to these tutorials simply by clicking on the Monthly Newsletter image which will not only notify you once a month about all the latest updates about home renovation how to but also the home improvement hand tools used for doing the jobs as well. When you first sign up, you will be granted full access to the website hosting all the videos that will help you with any home improvement project you are planning on doing.


Monthly write ups for Home Renovation How To

TD Remodeling


These monthly writeups will consist of extra tips and tricks for the home improvement areas you may be wanting to improve upon for your remodeling projects. You will discover the videos will help out a lot with how to do different stages of home renovations but the posts will accomplish a few things.

  1. Let you know of new videos dealing with specific topics of interest.
  2. Give some greater depth on tips or tricks to accomplish a better-finished job while renovating.
  3. Better insight into the extra depth the courses have over the free videos or posts.
  4. The latest updates from my primary site TD Remodeling (see banner above).
  5. Updates from the Home Improvement Hand Tools site used for doing the renovations (see banner below).


Home Improvement Hand Tools


Each post that gets generated per month will have a listing on each section that it relates to so that you may view what interests you. The primary site TD Remodeling is slowly being diversified by utilizing other connecting sites to coordinate the specific topics better for viewers to deal with exactly where their interest lie. For some, it may be just the one site or two where others may be interested in all the sites. The choice is your’s as I will let you know what is going on each month so you can check out what you want.


Complete Home Renovation How To Courses

The complete Home Renovation How To courses is two main courses offered at this time that deals with DIY Bathroom remodeling and DIY Basement Finishing. Between these two courses alone you can pretty well renovate any part of your house without too much of a problem. Both these courses are stand alone that you could do what is required by just having the one course for what you are planning to renovate, but with both of these courses, there would not be much you could not handle. Add these to the free videos and posts to give you a full collection to even know how to build a house if you so desire by the time you’re done learning all the lessons. Make any older home look new again with the latest upgrades.


bathroom remodeling university banner


Anybody looking to have a full understanding of what to expect, be able to do for themselves or start your own business as I have in the industry, these courses will give you the complete knowledge required to put you on the right path. There are a lot of trades people in the field doing renovations, but very few have the knowledge that these courses teach unless you’ve been busy learning the ropes from many different trades. When you want to know how its done, then this is it!



basement finishing university


Again this is just a small write-up on what to expect and find throughout this site about Home Renovation How To that can take you from beginner or offer you serious insight to tips only the pros know. So look around and keep up to date as more videos and posts keep coming in monthly to help you improve upon your knowledge and renovations for all the home improvements you plan on doing or have done by others.


  1. Hello!

    Thank you for saying what I have been thinking! I always want to have a say and a final say in what is going to be happening in my home. It’s challenging when you run into contractors that are about their way and that way only. While I may not have experience as a contractor should and many times does, I do have google and would like for my suggestions to be taken seriously.

    Your article was very informative.

    • I find the more people learn about renovations the easier it is to get what you want done when you understand the process. Not everybody needs to go the DIY route but at least understanding how things are done makes a big difference when hiring somebody to do the work for you.

  2. Hi Travis

    Thank you for this site.

    More than myself, my wife is the one that is interested in home renovation.I know what you thinking, that is crazy, yes but it’s true.

    I think we will be visiting your site pretty often.Yes, we may have some blunders here and there, but I guess we were learning.

    Now that you got videos on your site to show us what’s going on, makes things so much easier.

    We particularly look forward to your Complete How to , courses.

    Thanks a lot for this.
    Roopesh and Reshma

    • The best thing about the courses is how they take you through a sequence of what to do and how to do it right. Even though there are free tutorials some people still get some things out of sequence which can slow you down or cause some small problems until you understand what it was you needed to do prior from one step to another.

      The courses give you a complete knowledge base to deal with that makes it easier when doing renovations. The free tutorials may miss a step or two thinking you already know a certain amount about renovating. So when you look through the free tutorials always make sure you check out more than one to compare proceedures.

  3. Hi there,
    this is a step in the right direction. What a great idea – give the people the tools (!) and let them do it themselves. We have done some of our own work and it really is truly satisfying.
    Do you get many people coming back asking you to fix the renovations that didn’t go to plan for them?

    • Usually, what happens to me, most customers that see what is involved will either do part of the work or realize that they no longer want to attempt the work. Most people that try do very well, and sometimes they ask me to take over. Most do well enough that I may not have to fix to many things.

      The problem I run into is when they decide to hire somebody else thinking they are getting a better deal just to find out they’ve been had. They end up paying more in a lot of cases for the job and the workmanship is so bad the job usually needs to be redone do to water leaks and other problems.

      Homeowners do their best and take pride in what they do, so they just need the tools and knowledge for most things and there good. The harder things can be done by a proffesional and each person usually knows were they need to draw the line on what there capabilities are.

  4. i think your really on to something there. I’m not the handiest guy when it comes to remodeling but I do like to save money. Mostly my problem is that I don’t know how to do a lot of things. But your website really seems to fit the bill. I need to redo my back porch and I thing I’ll be checking out your site for some how to do it advice.

    • Travis Smithers

      Well, Doug, one of the great things about renovations is when you have an understanding of what and how things need to be done then you can either do it yourself or get some family and friends to help you out with putting your renovations together to make it easier.

      At least by having the knowledge, you will also know if you have the skill set or can learn the skill sets during the renovation without compromising the structure or finished product or find out when to get professional help.

      I do a lot of renovations with the home owners as well.

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