Home Improvement Hand Tools


When you’re planning on doing home renovation how to projects, you’ll want to get the quality finishes and look that you desire. To do this properly, you’ll need home improvement hand tools from brand name companies.


Home Improvement Hand Tools


To do any renovation properly, you need the knowledge which this website will help you with for those extra tips and procedures you need to know and the tools to get you there.

Home Improvement Hand ToolsEvery home renovation how to project requires some form of tools to get the job done. The sister site Home Improvement Hand Tools to this website is for all the people that what to get the full details about the best tools by the different brand name companies contractors use to do their renovations. You’ll be able to get some of the latest technologies on the newest tools, the differences between the different tools, and which tools contractors use and why.

As a DIY handyman or somebody getting into the trades or expanding on your trade or learning others, the tools used are the next best thing to your knowledge of what it takes to do the job. Let’s face it; you can have the best tools in the world, and your renovation job is not going to turn out. Knowledge and understanding of the task at hand are number one, and that is the focus of this site.

This particular post is all about those interested in knowing about the tools to be used once you are ready for renovations. When you know what to do, it’s time to have a place to learn about the tools you’ll need.


Home Improvement Hand Tools


As a contractor for my business TD Remodeling, I use a verity of different tools. Just as I use many different tools, I also use a multiple of brands that make up all the tools I own.


Milwaukee Tools
For instance with the Milwaukee brand I use a pam gun for screwing down underlayment or the actual subfloor to the floor joists. I also have a corded circular saw that I regularly use for flooring and framework when a table saw or sliding compound miter saw is either not required, or the job is to small to take the time to set them all up. Some jobs just do not allow for the larger power tools to be used at times.

Some of the different trades people I work with use this brand and no others. I find Milwaukee is one of my favorite tools to use for the price.




Makita Tools

Makita is another great brand which many contractors use and depend on for quality and durability. For myself, I presently use their orbital sander and a corded rotating hammer/drill. The sander is the same as one of the Dewalt orbital sanders I have, and they operate the same.

This particular hammer/drill I use has been put to the test many times for tile removal off of concrete and wooden floors and drilling out holes for mounting shower doors among other things. To get a job done, I have had this drill so hot from continuous use lifting tiles from a concrete floor that I would wear winter work gloves as not to burn my hands from the heat. A lot of the other contractors have had their drills heat up and die, but my Makita thinks it’s indestructible the way it keeps working.

A lot of the other contractors have had their drills heat up and die, but my Makita thinks it’s indestructible the way it keeps working.



Hitachi Tools

I also use Hitachi, which is another well-known name brand tool that many contractors use. For me, I have their drywall gun and Sliding compound miter saw. I’ve tried the adapters you can put in a regular drill to countersink the drywall screws but ended up destroying them very quickly. When I checked with others that where drywallers as a profession, they advised me that Hitachi made the best quality and durable drywall gun on the market, so I bought one eleven years ago, and it still works like new.

The Hitachi sliding compound miter saw I use mainly for flooring most of the time, but when I built my house, I decided to use it also to do all the framing and anything else I could cut with it.




Dewalt Tools

In the Dewalt collection back when I first got into the cordless they had the largest selection at the time eleven years ago, so I bought a combo pack of six tools and added to them. I also use two of their table saws. The larger one I’ve used for pretty much anything requiring a table saw and the smaller portable ten inch saw strictly for doing flooring.

Most contractors do use Dewalt possibly a little more than any other brand name, but I would say from all the contractors and trades people I work with, most of the brands listed in this post compete very well with one another that each company is well represented.




Bosch Tools

Bosch tools have been well known to me ever since I’ve been using tools. I have a few of their specialty tools that some of the other companies do not have. I find all their sliding compound miter saws and table top saws are great but what I have been using the most by them are their laser products. I use laser level squares, laser cross lines for walls and floors that have the added advantage of vacuum seal on walls with the press of a button for shooting laser lines for handrails for staircases for any angle alignment.

I even have a specialty tool by Bosch called a digital angle miter that comes equipped with built-in levels and gives you a digital reading of any angles you adjust the level arms to for the perfect measurement in degrees.



The Tools I Use

This last image is a link to some of the tools I use as a contractor in my renovation business TD Remodeling. The reviews I do for my tools are not your typical spec sheet write up as most people tell you about manufacturer’s fact sheet. I talk more about what I use them for, how long I’ve had them. In fact, as I mentioned above that when I purchased my cordless tools I bought Dewalt at the time because they had the largest selection.

The next time I’m thinking about Milwaukee cordless but at present my Dewalt are eleven years old and still work like new so at this rate I may never need to replace them. I may end up retiring from renovations first and passing them on to my sons to finish them off. When you read the posts, you’ll understand that with quality tools and durability you never know how long they can last. After all, when you’re doing home renovation how to projects, having brand name tools is the best way to make sure you can do your best.


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  1. Love the look of your blog and all the images. Very informative.

  2. Hi Travis, I’m trying to improve my DIY skills. My dad has a majority of the brands mentioned in your article including Makita, Hitachi and dewalt. I’m trying to learn a few skills from him. I personally own a Bosch drill and components which has given me reliable performance. If it ever breaks it’s good to know that your Makita is indestructible and keeps working. that will be my next purchase 🙂 thanks for article.

    • Travis Smithers

      Having the right tools can make all the difference when doing renovations, and it sounds like your father is well aware of that fact. Your Bosch tool is also another great brand, and you may find you may not need another.

      Gives you the opportunity to save money or expand your tool collection. Either way your choices are good.

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