Finished Basement Ideas


Part of home renovation how to is dealing with finished basement ideas. What you do with your basement can make a significant change to functionality and real estate values of the home. In this post, we’ll cover some of the key issues when dealing with finishing a basement.


Finished Basement Ideas


When it comes to having finished basement ideas, there is a lot more to consider than just having painted drywall and a big screen TV. This website will deal with the final look of the different rooms but for the sake of this post we’ll get into the deeper issues that you need to know when it comes to dealing with finishing a basement. At the end of this post, there will be a list of links that will take you to a greater in-depth look at what will be required.

These posts will take some time before they are all written in the beginning so until then there is a quicker way to get this information and more. The Monthly Newsletter already gives access to many tutorials that will help you with renovations, and you’ll be kept updated with all new posts.

The second method where you can learn at your pace which offers a greater in-depth knowledge of what it takes to renovate and deal with finished basement ideas are the lessons from the courses. Knowing these lessons will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars whether you do the renovations or hire the work out to others. When you leave all the decisions to designers and others when you lack the knowledge, this will cost you a lot of extra money, so take the time to learn what you need to know.

Home renovation how to course

Here are the basic topics of what these next few posts will cover.

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finished basement ideas


The information you will learn about from the posts.

When you’re considering finishing the basement area of the house, you need to ask what purpose does it need to fulfill. Once you know the type of rooms required, then the next step is to layout the size of each room and how they will flow within the given space. One of the first things you need to renovate for is any plumbing that may be required to have a functioning bathroom etc. in the basement.

When you have everything roughed in for the plumbing, then you can deal with any waterproofing of the concrete walls. From there the basement walls can be insulated. Depending on your wall partitions you may have some framing to put in place before insulating.

There will be the basement subflooring to deal with for most renovations then do up all the required framing according to your plans. Once the walls are in place, the plumbing, electrical, any wiring for a home surround sound system would be next. At this point, you would want to take care of anything else that needs to be routed through the walls to finish off a later installation.

When everything required for in the walls has been roughed in you can now move on to closing the walls up with drywall, mudding, and taping. Any other products for wall covering would also be going on now. After all the walls and ceilings are finished it is a good time to paint them out.

Now that the walls are almost complete, you would install all your interior doors. From that point, all doors and windows can be trimmed out and painted as well.

Now that you have most of the work finished installing all of your flooring choices would come next. Just before you add the baseboards for one of the last things to complete the job, you would finish all other work. This stage of the renovations is the part where all the essential key components are complete inside the walls, floor, and ceiling, you now finish with all the actual things you see. The bathroom installation with all of its components, fireplace, bookshelves or any other units are permanently set throughout the basement next.


At this stage, the finished basement ideas for the function of each room can vary quite a bit. Once the posts above get created and put in place, then there will be another list taking you through the visual finishes that can be incorporated into your overall designs.







  1. I love your ideas. My mother and I tend to watch HGTV and we never miss all the remodeling shows. Your guidance and tips are very comprehensive. You really cover all the areas necessary. Is there a section where you provide videos? I feel like I learn much more when I am actually watching it. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Juan, to answer your question, you’ll find videos from my tutorial website which I give full access to everybody who signs up for the Monthly Newsletter.

      When anyone registers for the monthly newsletter they will be given the address for all the home renovation tutorials. Also, at the end of each month, all new pages/posts for the month will have links in the newsletter to make it easier to check out what is most recent.

  2. Hey Travis, I really liked how organized everything is. It makes it much easier to find what I am looking for, and although I was a little bit confused about what page this was I found it to be a great idea once I figured out it was an introduction page. I like how much knowledge you know about home remodeling, keep it up and l and I wish you the best.

    • Hi, Daniel, happy to know you found your way around the website. I just recently created this site to take over the most detailed information about renovations for DIY from my primary site TD Remodeling. I decided to declutter my main site by creating three other more specific sites such as this one to keep things simpler for visitors to find what they are looking for on each website.

  3. Hi Travis,
    Liked your site so far. I would of liked, to be able to scroll down your pages and read highlights on your content, Bathroom layout, I did not like that ad, at the bottom of the You Tube video. Liked your ad’s for your store on the side. Wendy.

    • Hi Wendy and I understand that some people like the look of some ads and not others. Some have even mentioned about having pop up ads, but most people do not like them and neither do I so they are not incorporated.

      Most people tend to want each post to contain everything, but I find I only do that for some posts to cut down on clutter.

      This site is about two months old so there is still a lot of things to be done to it yet.

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