Bathroom Layout Ideas


Bathroom layout ideas are one of the biggest home renovation how to concepts most homeowners like to look into when remodeling their houses. As a contractor, I have many homeowners wanting to update and even totally redoing their bathroom designs over. With my business TD Remodeling, customers will have me gut their bathrooms to change the location of the tub, shower, sink and toilet layout. We’ll look at the differences between each segment.


Bathroom Layout Ideas

When it comes to bathroom layout ideas, there will be a few things you need to consider what is feasible and practical to get the best bang for your money. For some people, they can do what they want with no regard for cost but the rest of us we need to consider what we would like to have and fit it into a budget. For most people you can still get what you want when you keep bathroom layout designthings practical with a cost efficient design.

When I mention using an effective cost efficient design, I’m talking about using simple tricks and tips to spend your money wisely to maximize what you can get and achieve when you understand what to do and how to do it. As I have mentioned in other posts on this site and my main site, you can get full access to many tutorials from being on the monthly newsletter or taking the bathroom remodeling course.

You can also get some extra tips from additional posts from TD Remodeling Reno Know How were you’ll be able to learn some great tips on how to save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your renovation projects? One very simple tip of the many that I offer is when you set up for having a full custom shower from floor to ceiling. Design the shower to use mass produced shower door from any big box store like Home Depot, Rona, Costco, etc. rather than having a custom shower door created. Just that one tip can save you hundreds and probably well over a thousand dollars. That will either allow you to create your bathroom on a smaller budget or have more money to spend elsewhere.

Below is a very basic video giving you a simple bathroom layout by drawing then picture when finished. This video just goes to show how easy a drawing can be to create any layout that you may be thinking of from a basic bathroom in design and function to exotic.

What you’ll discover is the drawings are just a plan to show the position and spacing of all you’re fixtures and components that will make up your bathroom. When you go into the planning stage to figure out the layout, here are some things you’ll need to consider.

Size of the bathroom
Type of Bathroom
Materials to be used
Type of components and Fixtures


bathroom layout design components


Size of the bathroom

The size of the bathroom is one of the most important details you need to figure out and decide on when planning for your layout. If you want to have double sinks versus a single sink or a tub and shower both in the bathroom, then you need to know what kind of space you’ll be working with for your layout. Planning a bathroom design could be as simple as replacing what already exists with a newer better products in the same place, just different designs to moving them to different locations within the room.

You could be planning on reducing or in most cases increase the overall size to make your new floor plan work. These are just some of the considerations you need to know when planning a bathroom layout.

Type of Bathroom

Another essential detail, whenever you’re planning on doing a bathroom layout, is the kind of bathroom. Are you looking at creating a half bath on a floor to save you the hassle of either going up stairs or down stairs to use one at present? Perhaps you want an en-suite bathroom that doesn’t exist at the moment, or you’re present one is only a half bath which you’d like to increase to a full bath.

Once again there can be many different reasons to why you may need another type of bathroom somewhere in your present home. The reasons for having one regardless of the type will require you to put together a layout to make it work in your space.

Materials to be used

The type of materials you use to create the finished bathroom will be one of the biggest costs to the budget. Each of the different areas you’ll be dealing with will require a comparison to how much of your budget will be spent to create the look you want to achieve.

You’ll be dealing with such issues as:

vanity counter top
light fixture
plumbing fixtures

The decision you make for each one of these could raise or lower the overall budget from a few dollars to a few thousand all depending on what materials you plan to use to make your bathroom layout ideas materialize. The products you use will determine where you spend your money or not.


bathroom layout design fixtures


Type of components and Fixtures

This heading a lot of people would argue is the same as materials used which we did just mention a little bit about which it could be, but not for what I’ll bring to your attention. For the one above dealing with materials, you’d be looking at for instance a shower, buy an acrylic kit, custom tile job, etc. The point I want to make here is not the material used but the cost of using the material.

To give an example let’s look at a shower installation.

If you purchase a shower kit, it may come in a one, two or three piece acrylic kit that you simply mount into the corner where you’re plumbing has been installed. This particular shower could have built in shelves in the corner and may use a shower rod or come with glass panels and door. The cost to install this type of shower is one of the cheapest to have done.

Now you’re going to look at a custom shower. If you want shelves, then one option is to build niches which will cost more. Creating a custom shower with all the waterproofing, floor pan, curb and possible bulkheads cost more money than shower kits. Then there are options of built-in benches or if you have no niches do you want ceramic, or metal shelves mounted to the tiled walls inside your shower.

Here is a consideration that could go in any shower but costs extra to make happen with the framing of the walls before fixture installation and that is if you wanted body jets in your shower with the required diverter to control everything.


bathroom remodeling university display

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Just from some of the things I have mentioned in this post about bathroom layout ideas, I believe you’ll be able to see the value in knowing and understanding what is required for renovations. The more you know and understand the process, you’ll discover savings from hundreds to thousands of dollars. These posts will help you learn to see the bigger picture of what you need to know, and there is my monthly newsletter that gives you full access to the renovation tutorials. For most people that want to make the most with making decisions on knowing what to do and how to do renovations to save themselves thousands when doing or getting work done, take the bathroom remodeling courses.


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  1. InternetMarketingScamReviews

    Very informative post. In the last six months, I had counter tops in kitchen replaced and it looks great…just like marble which it isn’t because it was way cheaper and looked great. So recently I have moved over to the bathroom and I had to counter changed like the kitchen counter…switched floor up with laminate ..ripped off the old wallpaper, repainted the walls, ripped off mirror and hung up a mirror we found a Kirklands for a few bucks and BOOM. I say all that to say this, it is amazing how quickly and cost effectively you can change a look in a room especially bathroom by adding or taking away a few things. My next task will probably changing the sink out. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for great looking makeovers but you MUST consider the cost in concern to options.

    • That is precisely right when you do renovations, the choice of materials and whether you are moving existing toilets, sinks, shower and bathtub to different positions will determine just how much you’ll expect to pay.

      Keeping your bathroom as is with just some updating will be the cheapest and can still make the whole room look totally brand new. You have the understanding of looking at your options so that’s half the battle to having a successful renovation.

  2. Awesome, detailed post! I currently live with my family, but a dream of mine has always been to have a large walk-in shower. This post is particularly useful to me, as I’ve been planning my dream house using online layout software for a few months now, and the bathroom is one of the trickiest parts. It shouldn’t be too big or else it risks looking empty, and it can’t be too small or else it will feel cramped. Finding out what materials to use, as well as the cost, is also another roadblock for many people, I think.

    Thanks for the informative article 🙂 Much appreciated!

    • There are posts that I have about doing up showers and the monthly newsletter gives you free access to other tutorials.

      I would also recommend if your planning on building a new home to check out the bathroom remodel and basement finishing courses that will give you enough knowledge to save you thousands in the long run.

      Just to learn simple things like keeping your kitchen and bathrooms plumbing beside each other in the same wall or stack from one level to the next to keep your hot water runs as short as possible from the hot water tank.

  3. Awesome bathroom layout ideas here, Travis! I’m soon building a home and what I can be sure about at this point is that this Home Renovation How to site of yours will be quiet handy. I always desire bigger, when it comes to spaces, and I would go for a large bathroom here – double sinks, tub and shower, and all that. A four bedroom house with a couple of bathrooms is just right for me! Would it be possible to discuss bathroom customization options and the cost of each one of them?

    • To get a more in-depth answer to your questions, you can go to the contact page of my primary website TD Remodeling.

      You may also find some of the answers you’re looking for in my post category in the right-hand column under showers. There are also some galleries that show pictures of some different ideas as well.

      The site your on now is only two months old so I still have more updating to do yet.

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