Even though my main specialization as a contractor has been doing floor and custom bathroom, for the most part, I have done all the different trades to some degree. My overall knowledge of TD Remodeling about meresidential construction is proficient enough that I am capable of constructing a home almost entirely on my own. The last house I built took over a 14-month period by doing 90% of the work by myself. I designed the house plans to incorporate what my wife and I wanted, once I received the building permit for our prototype house, I cleared the land and got to work.

Working as a contractor, I get many people requesting information on how to do many different renovation jobs so they can either save money or put the extra savings from their labor to better materials. Instead of just continuing to help those around me I decided to offer the information on the Internet. Most people can agree, that when it comes to saving money, everybody would like the options to see whether or not they want to pay thousands out or save the money for something else.

You know what your abilities are and perhaps what you would like to try and do as a DIY’er, and I’ll give you the ideas and concepts of how to do the renovations. This way you’ll have the proper knowledge of whether you can do it or best leave it to a pro.

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